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Batman: Arkham Origins Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Batman: Arkham Origins
  • Game Description: Batman: Arkham Origins is set several years before the events that took places in both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. In it you'll see a much-expanded Gotham City and a younger, more un-refined and inexperienced Batman. What unfolds set much of the tone for the path than Batman then takes to become the Dark Knight.

Anarky Tags Locations Guide cheat for Batman: Arkham Origins on Xbox 360

Search the locations described below to find the 24 Anarky Tags. Make sure you use Detective Mode when you search, because it is necessary to find the tags.

Amusement Mile Anarky Tags
The first tag is in the casino. After you enter, turn left to find a blocked area. Search it to find the tag.
Go to the Dixon Docks to find the second tag. Go to the northeast side of the building and head down the small alleyway to find it.

The Bowery Anarky Tags
The third tag is on the central rooftop of the Gotham City Merchant’s Bank, near a steel fence.
Head to the northern side of the Carmine Hotel to find the fourth tag. It is on the lower part, by the shore, and it is hidden behind trash bags.

Burnley Anarky Tags
Search the ledge on the southwest side of the GCPD to find the fifth tag.
Look around the north end of Hamilton Hill until you find a small area between two buildings where you can jump down. After you jump, the sixth tag will be to your right.

Coventry Anarky Tags
Go to the northwest area and search the walls to find the seventh tag.
In the southwest area, near Trident Labs, search the area around the entrance to the underground tunnel to find the eighth tag.
The ninth tag is on one of the walls of the Cale-Anderson Pharmaceutical building, down a blocked area in an alley.
Climb the Lacey Towers until you reach the gargoyle. From there, glide down to the pipes, and search them for the tenth tag.
The eleventh tag is beneath the neon sign on the Wayne Enterprises building.

Diamond District Anarky Tags
The twelfth tag is on the southeastern wall of the Royal Hotel.
Climb to the top of the central news building and then jump to a ledge below. Destroy the wall there and search the area for the thirteenth tag.
The fourteenth tag is located on the right angled wall at the Gotham City Cinema.
Go to the Gotham City Daily building and head down the staircase to reach the fifteenth tag.
Search the walls of the Soder Cola building to find the sixteenth tag.
The seventeenth tag is on the furniture shop.

Industrial District Anarky Tags
Jump over the fence to the west of the steel mill to find the eighteenth tag.
Search the roof of the Amertek Industries building to find the nineteenth tag.

Park Row Anarky Tags
Go to the Ace Chemical building and search the lower part of the walls to find the twentieth tag.
Search the southern wall of the Monarch Theater for the 21st tag.
Head down the path that goes beneath the courthouse. Jump over the pipes and turn left to find the 22nd tag.

Sheldon Park Anarky Tags
The 23rd tag is on the balcony of the lower wall of the Wonder Tower.
Search the Gotham City Light and Power building for the 24th and final tag.

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