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Batman: Arkham Origins Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Batman: Arkham Origins
  • Game Description: Batman: Arkham Origins is set several years before the events that took places in both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. In it you'll see a much-expanded Gotham City and a younger, more un-refined and inexperienced Batman. What unfolds set much of the tone for the path than Batman then takes to become the Dark Knight.

All Pinkney Plaques Locations Guide cheat for Batman: Arkham Origins on Xbox 360

Search the areas described below to find all of the Pinkney Plaques. Scan each plaque with detective vision. This is an easily missed sidequest.

Old Gotham Cathedral – Park Row: Go to the church’s rooftop and search the back of the tower.
Solomon Wayne Courthouse – Park Row: Find the horse statue located west of the courthouse, and search the back of the statue.

Pioneers Statue – Jezebel Mall – Bowery: Go to the bank’s rooftop and search beneath the bell.

Gotham Rail – Amusement Mile: Find the old Gotham PD building from Arkham City, go to its rooftop, and search the gated area at its southern edge.

Jezebel Theater – Bowery: Stop in front of the theater and search the area to the left of the doors.

Pioneers Bridge – Gotham Bridge: Search the center, at the top of the bridge, on its eastern rod.

Cyrus Pinkney School Of The Arts – Coventry: Search the southern rod on the building’s ground floor, around where the highway and giant factory come together.

Cyrus Pinkney’s Crypt – Burnley: Once you’ve found the previous seven plaques, this one will appear. A waypoint will guide you to Burnley’s eastern shore. It is in the crypt. Search the area around the tomb.

Game Name: Batman: Arkham Origins

Cheat Name: All Pinkney Plaques Locations Guide

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