Free Xbox Live Gold This Weekend on Xbox 360

Free Xbox Live Gold

Xbox 360 players may not get to try the Titanfall beta this weekend, but they’ve got something else to enjoy—a free weekend of Xbox Live Gold.

From 12:01 PST tomorrow until 11:59 PST on Sunday, Microsoft’s subscription service will be free to all Xbox 360 owners in the United States and Canada, although it will not extend to the Xbox One.

A lot of people have been asking if this means all players will have access to the current Games for Gold title. As far as we know, the answer is no.

Nevertheless, if you aren’t a Gold member, this is an excellent opportunity to check out some free-to-play multiplayer games, online applications, and multiplayer components to your Xbox 360 games. Maybe it will even convince you to subscribe once the weekend is over. This is a great move on Microsoft’s part, and it should make this weekend very interesting for a lot of people.

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