How to Watch X1 Kill the PS4 at E3 (Plus Some Memes)

Microsoft has been taking a beating in the media and on social networks over the Xbox One reveal event with many people believing there was too much focus on TV and sports and not enough focus on games.

That said, we are looking forward to E3 in just a few days time where Microsoft has promised it will show more of the gaming capabities of the Xbox One, and hopefully put an end to all the hilarious X1 memes floating around at the moment (a sample of which we have included below).


x1-dog xbox-one-heli

In fact when discussing the Xbox One media briefing at E3, Craig Davidson (director of global marketing at Microsoft) even went so far as to tell a representative of IGN that:

“We [Xbox One] will kill Sony at E3.”

Big words. The challenge has definitely been made!

If you want to watch the media briefing (which is called ‘Xbox: A new Generation of Games Revealed’) live at E3 then you can do so via either Xbox Live on your console or on itself. The event will start at 12:30pm ET / 9:30am PT / 16:30 GMT on June 10 and we’re eagerly waiting until then to decide whether Microsoft can turn around what we think is fair to say has been a nightmare reveal, thus far.

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  • http://lolol fasjkasdjf

    LOOOOL. So much for your E3 you Xbone fanboy :D

    • http://lolol fasjkasdjf

      Just kidding, I know you’re not a fanboy! lol. But yeah, the E3 defense didn’t really work out…

  • Hotrod

    Ps4 shits on the xbox one, I own both & gonna sell the xbox or give it to my nephew