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Wheelman Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Wheelman
  • Game Description: Wheelman is the new presentation of Hollywood action super star Vin Diesel. The famous actor’s Tigon Studios has collaborated with Midway to design Wheelman that promises an unending thrill and gaming experience on the Xbox 360. The game features the powerful voice of Vin Diesel behind the central character Wheelman Milo Burik.

Escape Bottom of Car cheat for Wheelman on Xbox 360

While you are driving down a straight-away street (before you reach the point on your focus gauge where you can perform moves), jump out of your car (press Y) and instead of bailing out the door you should jump out of the bottom of the car and land on your feet. You may need to try it a few times.

Game Name: Wheelman

Cheat Name: Escape Bottom of Car

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