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Titanfall Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Titanfall
  • Game Description: In this futuristic world, enter the raging war and switch between controlling an elite assault pilot and a 24-foot tall armored Titan. Play as both to fight your way through this intense shooter. Online multiplayer events and the cinematic campaign come together to create an exciting and fast-paced adventure.

Titanfall Hints cheat for Titanfall on Xbox 360

Since a Pilot can disembark from their Titan and attack you when you are attempting a rodeo kill, you might want to wait until the Titan is in combat and therefore not paying attention to you.

If a Titan is chasing you through an area narrow enough that only one Titan can fit through at a time, you can drop a shield to block its path (and the path of any other Titans, so consider it carefully before you do anything).

Hack into Spectres and turrets whenever you can to make them your allies. Even if they aren’t overly powerful, they can help you out. However, do not waste too much time—destroy them if you can’t hack them quickly.

Don’t attempt to hoard Burn Cards. Your Burn Card inventory is capped at 29.

Imagine you’re on a skateboard in a skateboard park to help see the new paths and routes you can take using your parkour moves. You will be vulnerable if you stick to normal ground paths the entire time, but if you start running along walls without a plan in mind, you will just be more visible to your enemies.

While using a group of AI allies as camouflage, move in the same slow, deliberate way they do, so your opponents may not realize you are human until it is too late.

Cloak is very effective in the right situation, but if your opponent has already seen you, it won’t do you much good to Cloak then. Use it before you’ve been seen.

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