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Titanfall Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Titanfall
  • Game Description: In this futuristic world, enter the raging war and switch between controlling an elite assault pilot and a 24-foot tall armored Titan. Play as both to fight your way through this intense shooter. Online multiplayer events and the cinematic campaign come together to create an exciting and fast-paced adventure.

General Hints and Tips cheat for Titanfall on Xbox 360

You might want to play through the campaign first to prepare yourself for the more intensely competitive game modes, even though it’s all multiplayer.

Move around on foot when strategy calls for it, and let your Titan be an additional defense for you or a distraction for your opponents.

Choose your Titan according to the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

Keep in mind that Titans’ health meters don’t recharge.

Don’t always get into your Titan from the ground. You might be safer if you come from above.

The best loadout for one mode might not work well for another mode. Active Radar Pulse is an excellent choice if you are in a mode that requires you to defend a point, while Cloak is great if you need to sneak or hide somewhere.

Don’t mistake Pilots for bots and vice versa. It can be hard to distinguish in the middle of battle, so try to find a vantage point from which you can judge by their movements. Human players move a lot differently than bots do.

Fight bots whenever you can, but do not chase after individual ones. It will just take up time and leave you vulnerable to human players.

When you die, take the time to equip some new Burn Cards. Do not waste all of your best cards at the start of the match, but save them for when they will be most effective. Remember that your equipped cards only last for the duration of your life.

Remember your abilities. If you’re in a tight spot with no obvious escape route, just your jetpack and your parkour moves. You’ll be surprised at the new paths you can find. You can even climb straight up walls with either careful presses of the jump button or all-out button mashing.

When you fight a Titan, don’t forget about the Pilot inside. If you are on top of a Titan to get a rodeo kill, and it stops, the Pilot is most likely coming out to deal with you personally. Do not forget that if the Pilot has Auto-Eject equipped, they will be automatically Cloaked when they come out.

Be careful when performing an execution kill. Its animation leaves you with a brief period in which you are vulnerable.

If you are on the winning side during the epilogue, concentrate your firepower on the dropship, not on your evacuating opponents.
Also keep in mind that if you die during the epilogue, you will not respawn. You can take advantage of the few seconds before the epilogue begins to die and respawn as a special class you keep in reserve for that moment, such as a sniper.

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