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Titanfall Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Titanfall
  • Game Description: In this futuristic world, enter the raging war and switch between controlling an elite assault pilot and a 24-foot tall armored Titan. Play as both to fight your way through this intense shooter. Online multiplayer events and the cinematic campaign come together to create an exciting and fast-paced adventure.

Last Titan Standing Guide cheat for Titanfall on Xbox 360

Dashing can be very useful. If a Titan is attacking you, dash to cover to get away. Time your dashes to make sure your shield is recharged and ready to go whenever you are in danger.

Rockets are effective against other Titans.

Use your Vortex Shield and, until you see proof to the contrary, assume your opponent will be doing the same. Once you activate your shield, it will absorb damage for a set amount of time or until it has taken too much damage, whichever comes first. Aim for your opponent and send their fire right back at them—unless your opponent puts up their own Vortex Shield the moment yours goes down, in which case you should aim elsewhere so they can’t absorb the attack.

That is a strategy you can use against enemies with Vortex Shields. Deal as much damage as you can to their shield, and right before they can shoot the fire back at you, put up your Vortex Shield to absorb it and send it back again.

If you have the Nuclear Ejection ability equipped, allies who are willing to help you, and a ready path to the place where your opponents are spawning (in Angel City, this probably means going through the field; in Fracture, you should try the canyon), you can use a tactic known as the “nuke rush.” Get to the spawn point, run into the center of your enemies, and eject. Your allies can force them to stay near the blast point and fight the weakened enemies that survive. You can deal even more damage by cloaking after you eject and landing on a surviving enemy Titan to destroy it.

Remain in your Titan as long as you can and aim for the weak spots on enemy Titans.

In Fracture, you and another player can set up an ambush at the canyon, using a rapid-fire Quad Rocket to decimate your enemies. Another strategic location is the left side of the map, where you can send up volleys from a 40 MM Cannon while being protected.

In Angel City, use a 40 MM Cannon you fight from behind the low walls on the right side of the map. If you must use rockets and the chaingun, try to take the battle to the bridge. Titans should always try to fight in the field, to avoid the high buildings, and keep an eye on enemy Pilots, especially ejecting ones, at all times. If you are being rodeoed, and there is no way out, you can disembark and rodeo an opposing Titan if one is close enough. Use Electric Smoke to escape, especially if you are in one of the many areas where multiple roads connect. Pilots, meanwhile, should use their Cloak ability, Arc Grenades, and the Archer Heavy Rocket, and always try to get on top of buildings to rodeo Titans.

Shock Rocks, Pull Rank, Titan Salvage, Amped anti-Titan weapons, and Reserve Ogre are some of the best Burn Cards to use, with Shock Rocks having a particular advantage if you plan to try a nuke rush.

Always use your damage core when it becomes available.

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