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Destiny Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Destiny
  • Game Description: Bungie, best known for Halo (of course!) have teamed up with Activision (best known for Call of Duty) for Destiny, which is being billed as "the next evolution of entertainment". Destiny is an online only, always on, first person shooter like no other. You play a guardian of the last safe city on Earth and must defend the city, defeat your enemies and take back what has been lost. Destiny promises to deliver!

Shrine of Onyx Glimmer cheat for Destiny on Xbox 360

Another way to learn a lot of glimmer is by playing the “Shrine of Onyx” mission when you hit Level 14 and can go to the moon. Play through normally until your Ghost tells you to find a way through to the shrine and you have to fight the Hallowed Acolytes. Fight both waves of Hallowed Acolytes, run to the left side of the room, and jump into the pit. You will die and respawn at the checkpoint just outside of the room. Repeat this process as often as you want, using Ether Seeds to increase the glimmer you get. You’ll earn about 4,000 glimmer in 10 minutes.

Game Name: Destiny

Cheat Name: Shrine of Onyx Glimmer

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