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Destiny Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Destiny
  • Game Description: Bungie, best known for Halo (of course!) have teamed up with Activision (best known for Call of Duty) for Destiny, which is being billed as "the next evolution of entertainment". Destiny is an online only, always on, first person shooter like no other. You play a guardian of the last safe city on Earth and must defend the city, defeat your enemies and take back what has been lost. Destiny promises to deliver!

Gold Chest Locations cheat for Destiny on Xbox 360

Search the locations indicated below to find all of the gold chests. Each location has 5, and you will earn a reward for finding all 5.

Earth Gold Chests

Gold Chest #1 – When you enter the cosmodrone to get the warp drive in the “Restoration” mission, the chest is on a desk in a small room before you reach the boss.
Gold Chest #2 – When you encounter the wizard in “The Dark Within,” use a double jump to reach the rooftop to your left. The chest is there, along with a heavy weapon.
Gold Chest #3 – As you cross through the canyon to reach the Forgotten Shore, stick to the path to reach a cave entrance before the shore. The chest is inside.
Gold Chest #4 – At the Forgotten Shore, enter the water beside the damaged bridge and head left. Follow the rocks by the wall until you are beneath the bridge. Double jump over the rocks ahead and follow the path to the chest.
Gold Chest #5 – When the battle begins at the end of the “Devil’s Lair” Strike, jump down from the platform you’re on to find the chest near a set of steps.

Moon Gold Chests

Gold Chest #1 – When you reach the cocoons in the cave in “The World’s Grave,” jump down to the lowest area. Enter the water and follow it until you reach the chest in a niche.
Gold Chest #2 – When you reach the building with the mission marker, avoid it for now and keep following the road until you reach a crater filled with green gas. The chest is on top of a rock formation behind the ramp.
Gold Chest #3 – At the end of “The World’s Grave,” while you’re protecting your Ghost, search the rock wall for the chest.
Gold Chest #4 – Enter the temple during “Chamber of Night,” and make your way downward until you reach the Hive ship. Follow the ramp to the ship, head down the other ramp, and then jump down to a ledge on your right. Make your way across the ledges to the chest.
Gold Chest #5 – After you defeat the boss at the end of “The Summoning Pits” Strike, go to the edge of the room and onto the platform. The chest is by the pillars.

Venus Gold Chests

Gold Chest #1 – When you go underground in “The Stranger’s Call,” you’ll find the chest above the water near a pillar, before the Ishtar Academy.
Gold Chest #2 – When you reach Campus 9 in the “Ishtar Collective” mission, defeat the enemies and head around the back of the orange building with the radio tower to find the next chest.
Gold Chest #3 – At the Ishtar Commons during “The Archive,” climb on top of the ship at the center. Go through the door way beneath the billboard with the blue circle on it. When you reach the N/Gen Branch, go out and enter the door to your right. The chest is in a cubicle.
Gold Chest #4 – After you fight the Kell guards in “Scourge of Winter” and are searching for Draksis, follow the marker until you reach two light rods. Climb up the one on the right and jump across to the chest.
Gold Chest #5 – In the “Winter’s Run” Strike, defeat the enemies at the Ketch ship and go inside. Go to your right and look down to find the chest.

Mars Gold Chests

Gold Chest #1 – After you fight the Legion for the first time in “Exclusion Zone,” enter the building to your right and climb up the crates to find the chest.
Gold Chest #2 – Near the end of the tunnel to the Hollows, just after the ramp, you can jump through a gap onto a metal platform. Go to the corner of the platform, double jump, and then crouch to crawl into the area where you can find the chest.
Gold Chest #3 – During the “Dusk Palace” Strike, at the first door, go through the door near the number 3. The chest is behind the desk.
Gold Chest #4 – When you are ambushed at the gate during “The Garden’s Spire,” defeat the enemies and then climb up the nearby crates to your left. From the crates, jump onto the pipes, and from the pipes, climb onto the platform above the crates. Keep going until the second platform. The chest is at the end of the path.
Gold Chest #5 – In Tharsis Junction during the “Rising Tide” mission, you’ll need to destroy a warp gate. The gate is behind a train car. Beside the warp gate, there is a room, where the chest is hidden behind a grate.

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