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Destiny Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Destiny
  • Game Description: Bungie, best known for Halo (of course!) have teamed up with Activision (best known for Call of Duty) for Destiny, which is being billed as "the next evolution of entertainment". Destiny is an online only, always on, first person shooter like no other. You play a guardian of the last safe city on Earth and must defend the city, defeat your enemies and take back what has been lost. Destiny promises to deliver!

Getting Legendary Gear cheat for Destiny on Xbox 360

To get Legendary gear, accept PvP bounties from Xander in the central part of the Tower. There are different bounties available each day, and sometimes they’ll reward you with Legendary items.

PvE bounties also give Legendary rewards.

Complete Vanguard bounties, Strike missions in the playlist, Public Events, and material trades with Roni to get Vanguard Marks, with which you can buy Vanguard weapons and armor.

Perform the weekly Nightfall Activities and Raids for a high chance of earning a Legendary or Exotic reward.

After you complete many bounties, you may get an Exotic Weapon Bounty, rare bounties such as “A Voice in the Wilderness” and “Toland’s Legacy,” which reward you with specific Exotic weapons.

Strange Coins can be traded with Xur for Legendary and Exotic gear.

Motes of Light, which can be received as random drops or from experience point after you hit Level 20, can be used to buy class-specific items from the Speaker or an exotic engram from Xur. Whether or not you get Legendary/Exotic gear, decrypting an exotic engram is sure to give you something good.

Game Name: Destiny

Cheat Name: Getting Legendary Gear

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