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Call of Duty: World at War Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Call of Duty: World at War
  • Game Description: Call of Duty: World at War will set the Xbox 360 on fire as it forces the players in to some of the most ferocious, brutal and bloodbath comprehensive battles. The battles are fought over some of the most tormenting and climactic European and Pacific lands letting you experience an uncensored edge to combat involving an enemy who knows no surrender and no retreat fighting to his last breath. Call of Duty: World at War has your enemy armed with an arsenal of lethal surprising tactics. Players have to combat an array of unknown risks in the battlefield with the danger and tension keeps growing as you move ahead.

Ten Nazi Zombie Tips cheat for Call of Duty: World at War on Xbox 360

Here's ten of my favorite tips for Nazi Zombies.

1) Upon spawning, rotate left 90 degrees, and walk to the edge of the rubble at the half wall such that you can rotate and see all windows.

Position yourself such that the window to your right located in the smaller "main or front room" is visible through the one single window just enough to determine if there are any trying to "rebuild" the Sanatorium (looking in the center of the facility).

Note: Run around as little as possible. There is no need to run to each window to check for Zombies.

This only generates more for you to fight. Initially, this will accumulate the most points for you. The only time to visit each window is to board them but only after the slow, last zombie is still walking around.

2) Round 1, shoot each zombie 4 times, then knife. Take note of which ones you shoot as they don’t all move at a similar pace

3) Toward the end, take note of the slowest zombie, as he is probably the last one. Keeping him alive will help close the windows before the others arrive.

If you no longer are receiving points after you kill him, wait until the next level indicator flashes the next level, then resume reconstruction

4) Level 2 shoot 5 Zombies then knife. As they approach, knife them from inside, this will save what little ammo you have remaining.

Be careful - they can reach in and grab you!

5) As soon as possible, get the MP40, and continue shooting/knifing. The MP40 is 3 single shots, and a knife.

Reload whenever you can! It only takes 2 seconds to reload

6) At 1950 points, open the door and run back to purchase the STG-44. Continue killing zombies in the same fashion.

Avoid tight areas you can't run/escape from.

7) Whenever you reach enough points, open the control room, turn on power, and run to purchase Double Tap, then run back upstairs and wait to purchase Juggernaut.

You can play with which one to purchase first based on your skill level (i.e. DT, then J, or J then DT).

These perks will stay with you as long as you don’t die.

8) Get enough points to open the very back room past the Speedload. As soon as you have 3000 points, get it!

9) Keep an eye on your ammo, if you run low, run back to the STG Wall and get more.

10) Keep the last Zombie alive and lead him downstairs, then running back up to try the chest.

This will give you enough time to hold X when the "?" light is the brightest. Keep trying for the Browning or equivalent "heavy gun" with the most stopping power.

When fighting with others, Raygun is awesome when knocked down.

However, when flying solo, I don't worry about the Ray Gun, since it doesn't possess rapid fire and it's effects diminish as the levels augment. It takes Doubletap and Speedload to bring them down.

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