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Call of Duty: World at War Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Call of Duty: World at War
  • Game Description: Call of Duty: World at War will set the Xbox 360 on fire as it forces the players in to some of the most ferocious, brutal and bloodbath comprehensive battles. The battles are fought over some of the most tormenting and climactic European and Pacific lands letting you experience an uncensored edge to combat involving an enemy who knows no surrender and no retreat fighting to his last breath. Call of Duty: World at War has your enemy armed with an arsenal of lethal surprising tactics. Players have to combat an array of unknown risks in the battlefield with the danger and tension keeps growing as you move ahead.

Sniping & Killing Spots cheat for Call of Duty: World at War on Xbox 360

There are 5 amazing sniping & killing spots, where you can hardly ever be seen or killed.

Spot 1: Upheaval, if you start at the butchers shop, go to the right until you find an area of grass, to the left of you, you should find a shed. Ok look at the shed then look to the left there should be a wall, jump onto the wall, on the wall walk towards the shed, you should be able to see the main street, but there is a house next to it, i would suggest putting a bouncing betty on the stairs so they cant kill you in the house. (be aware this is the least effective sniping spot, you maybe killed.

Spot 2: Cliffside, on the cliffside map the is a crashed plane which is on fire go towers that plane, jump onto the front of the plane & climb up the wing you should see a large & busy area.

Spot 3: Castle, this is a glitch, OK find the ladder that takes you to a large room, when you're in the room go to the large window & jump onto the ledge bellow it walk to the end of the ledge & jump diagonally onto a red & white pillar thing, walk across it until you get to the roof, now you can walk all around the roof, seeing almost the whole area.

Spot 4: Dome, go to the bottom where you can see into the distance. there are to big wooden box things with parts of statues in it go to the one where you can jump into (hope you know what I mean, sorry if you don't) and when your in kill.

Spot 5: Makin (you don't get loads of kills but you get some, good on multiplayer split scream, so impress & kill your mates, on Makin go to the shrine area round that area look for a single shrine, go behind the shrine and move as far left as you can (this should hide you in the bushes) this is good kill streaks, now sit back and wait for a kill.

Game Name: Call of Duty: World at War

Cheat Name: Sniping & Killing Spots

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