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Are XBLA Games Overshadowing Exclusive Triple-A Releases for the Xbox 360?

The quality to expense ratio, otherwise known as getting the most bang for your buck, is perhaps the biggest influencing factor mulled over by individuals in the market for a new game. Up until fairly recently, these gamers were presented … Continue reading

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The Best XBLA Games Ever

The independent game developer has gone mainstream. And while the meteoric rise of the little guy marks a huge evolution in the way the average person perceives gaming, it would probably not have happened without the emergence of digital-distribution channels … Continue reading

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Opinion: Does Trials Evolution Solve the Difficulty Curve Problem?

For decades game developers have struggled with difficulty scaling. From the punishing¬†brutality¬†of 8-bit classics such as Mega Man and Ghosts ‘n Goblins to the constant zone reworkings that plague modern MMOs, finding the right balance of challenge and accessibility is … Continue reading

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