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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
  • Game Description: In Tom Hawk's American Wasteland, you will encounter non stop action till you decide to leave the game and even that would be difficult. In the vast wasteland of skate culture, Los Angeles, you will progress through the Wasteland story choosing missions that will involve unlimited skating and BMX biking. The game is so well designed that you will never have to skate the same line twice! Tom Hawk's American Wasteland is an exhilarating experience for all Xbox 360 addicts.

Secret Hollywood Room cheat for Tony Hawk's American Wasteland on Xbox 360

Put on the zero gravity cheat (2them00n), go up the QP on the left hand side of the skate shop and do a spine transfer onto the roof.

Go up this QP and you should see 3 rails. Try and get to the top one and if you grind in the right direction you should see a balcony.

Jump onto it and walk thrugh the wall. The wall should smash and you will be in a secret room with Joey B, the construction worker and a goat (if you're bored whack the goat you should get a gap).

If you want out you should walk through the cracked piece of wall at the other side or walk through the gap that's already open.

Game Name: Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

Cheat Name: Secret Hollywood Room

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