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Titanfall Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Titanfall
Game Description: In this futuristic world, enter the raging war and switch between controlling an elite assault pilot and a 24-foot tall armored Titan. Play as both to fight your way through this intense shooter. Online multiplayer events and the cinematic campaign come together to create an exciting and fast-paced adventure.


Weapons Hints and Tips cheat for Titanfall on Xbox 360

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Weapons Hints and Tips


Consider using a combination of the Lock-On Rockets as your Ordnance and the Vortex Shield as your ability.

While the Vortex shield absorbs fire, the Quad Rocket can make it through.
When an opposing Titan’s shield becomes red, you should put up your own shield.

Blasts from Arc Grenades damage Titans and their ability to communicate, as well as being strong enough to kill the weaker AI in the area.

Two players with Vortex Shields can take turns shielding the other and fighting the enemies. While the first player uses the Vortex Shield and guards their teammate, the second player will shoot and let their Vortex Shield recharge. It should be recharged by the time the first player’s reaches its limit.

XO-16 Chaingun – This weapon is best for new players and for players playing Hardpoint Domination.

40 MM Cannon – This weapon is better for more skilled players and for players playing Last Titan Standing, particularly if you use 3 round bursts. It is very effective when paired with Burst Fire.

Quad Rocket –This weapon is good for more skilled players.

Archer Heavy Rocket – This anti-Titan weapon locks onto its target.

The Accelerator works well when paired with extended magazines.

Nuclear Ejection is best used with AI-controlled Titans and for certain strategies, such as the “nuke rush” Last Titan Standing strategy. For player-controlled Titans, Shield Regeneration is very useful, and Auto Eject can also help.

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