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Titanfall Xbox 360 Cheats


Maps Overview cheat for Titanfall on Xbox 360

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Maps Overview


There are several different maps you can play in.

Airbase – IMC Airbase Sierra, which uses repulsor towers to protect itself from wild animals.
Angel City – This city is marked by the walls that divide its districts, which were put into place when IMC put it under martial law.
Boneyard – An old facility at which IMC used to research wildlife repulsors.
Corporate – An Applied Robotics laboratory, where research helped develop the Spectres.
Colony – A small, rural colony, where the IMC and Militia have encountered each other.
Demeter – A station where IMC units refuel before they enter the Frontier.
Fracture – Once a special colony, it has been devastated by heavy fuel extraction.
Lagoon – A fishing village in the Freeport system, where a damaged IMC lander has been forced to stop.
Nexus – This farming outpost is believed to be a secret sanctuary for the Militia.
Outpost 207 – This outpost is protected by orbital defense cannons.
Overlook – Militia members have come here to save a prisoner held by the IMC.
Relic – An IMC ship was once wrecked here, and now its parts are scavenged and processed in the lower valley.
Rise – It was once an IMC reservoir, but since its abandonment, the Militia has taken it over for use as a Long-Range Desert Patrol outpost.
Smuggler’s Cove – Mercenaries, pirates, and more bring their goods here, leading to a black market filled with weapons and other treasures.
Training Ground – The IMC trains here, but only 2% of their trainees survive their methods.

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