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Titanfall Xbox 360 Cheats


Kits Guide cheat for Titanfall on Xbox 360

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Kits Guide


Both Pilots and Titans have two slots for kits, which give you a special ability.

Fast Autoloader – You will be able to use your Titan’s Ordnance more often.
Auto Eject – When your Titan becomes doomed, you will automatically eject from the cockpit. You will be temporarily cloaked.
Dead Man’s Trigger – When you die, any explosives you set will detonate.
Icepick – You can use the Icepick to hack Spectres and turret controls faster than you can with the Data Knife.
Power Cell – Your Pilot’s Tactical Ability will recharge faster.
Guardian Chip – Your Titan’s accuracy while fighting on its own will be greater.
Run N Gun Kit – You will be able to fire certain small weapons (for example, pistols and SMGs) while you are sprinting.
Explosives Pack – Your Pilot’s Ordnance will be able to hold more ammunition.
Quick Reload Kit – Your Pilot’s weapons will reload faster.
Stealth Kit – You will not make noise when you walk/run, and the exhaust from your jump kit will be more difficult to see.
Enhanced Parkour Kit – You will be able to run along walls and hang from walls for longer amounts of time.
Warpfall Transmitter – Your Titanfall will be faster.
Dome-Shield Battery – Your Titan’s Dome-Shield will remain active for longer after Titanfall.
Minion Detector – Your minimap will show icons for Grunts and Spectres, both enemy and allied.
Tactical Reactor – Your Titan’s Tactical Ability (Vortex Shield, Electric Smoke, and Particle Wall) will recharge faster.
Regen Booster – Your Titan’s body shield will restore itself more quickly.
Dash Quickcharger – Your Titan will be able to dash more often.
Nuclear Ejection – When you eject from your Titan, its nuclear core will explode and greatly damage all enemies around it.
Big Punch – Your Titan will deal more damage and have a greater knockback effect with its melee attacks.
Core Extender – Your Titan’s Core Ability will be active for longer than normal.
Core Accelerator – Your Titan’s Core Ability will charge faster.
Survivor – The decrease in your Titan’s health when it is doomed will be slower, to give you more time to fight.

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