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Thief Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Thief
  • Game Description: In this all-new reimagining of Thief, join master thief Garrett in his quests across a city filled with sickness, hatred, and fear. Take full control of your path and approach each new objective in the way you choose. Explore Garrett’s dark fantasy world through stealth and adventure and see what secrets wait in the shadows.

More Hints cheat for Thief on Xbox 360

Wirecutters and the wrench are especially useful to you, because the wirecutters can disable traps and the wrench can open the way to new areas.

Documents often contain hints to treasure locations and other secrets.

Don’t just look at things in front of you and to the sides. Treasures, paths, traps, and more may be above or below you, as well.

Game Name: Thief

Cheat Name: More Hints

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