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Thief Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Thief
  • Game Description: In this all-new reimagining of Thief, join master thief Garrett in his quests across a city filled with sickness, hatred, and fear. Take full control of your path and approach each new objective in the way you choose. Explore Garrett’s dark fantasy world through stealth and adventure and see what secrets wait in the shadows.

How to Move Around - Guide cheat for Thief on Xbox 360

Do not attempt to rush through areas. You must rely on stealth and strategy. Make sure you know the environment, potential hiding places, and the guards’ patrols before you do anything.

Hide in the shadows to keep guards from noticing you. If the indicator in the corner of the screen is dark, you are safe. Use Focus to see alternate paths through areas, such as climbable walls and narrow passages, to remain in the shadows for as long as possible. Put out torches with water arrows and trigger light switches with blunt arrows. If there is a lit-up area you can’t avoid, use swoop to hurry through.

Some guards carry torches or lanterns. If they get near your position, the light will cut through the shadows and reveal you. Take out these guards to put out their lights.

Move as quietly as you can. If you crouch, you can sneak, which is more effective than just moving slowly. Scan the ground before you proceed, for environmental details such as broken glass, which will make noise.

Beware of birds that will react to your presence. You can shoot them from a distance to silence them.

Run and hide when guards spot you. They’ll eventually give up.

You can also distract or divert guards by throwing glass objects.

Game Name: Thief

Cheat Name: How to Move Around - Guide

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