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Spiderman 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Spiderman 3
  • Game Description: Spiderman 3 is coming with the most authentic superhero gaming experience. The game is based on Sony Pictures Entertainment's and Columbia Pictures' feature film. For the first time ever not only the heroics but also the more confined and secretive darker side of Spiderman’s persona will be revealed in front of the world through Spiderman 3. The story of the game consists of both the new imaginative plots as well as the ones from the movie itself. Spiderman 3 is set in the backdrop of the ultra modern city of New York, full of skyscrapers. Gamers can roam freely in the city completing the city-based missions to earn performance rewards such as superior speed, agility and combat maneuvers. The game play is more evolved than ever with all the improved graphics and visual effects. Take on the perilous forces on Xbox 360 and save New York from unexpected threats in a series of fights involving ground and aerial web fighting.

Tip: Defeating the Hob Goblin cheat for Spiderman 3 on Xbox 360

Find a subway and run along the tracks with the goblin following you.
Then simply wait for a train and jump at the last minute, it should hit the goblin and take away about 1/4 of his health.
Also at the start of the mission while you're on his board keeping hitting him there, and you can get him down to about half health.

Game Name: Spiderman 3

Cheat Name: Tip: Defeating the Hob Goblin

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