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Saint's Row Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Saint's Row
  • Game Description: The Saint 's Row, for Xbox 360 presents a brand new adventure for the gamers as the game takes you to the city of Stilwater under the threat of rival gangs as well as corrupt officials. Here in Saint's Row you will find citizens who will come forward to fight against the wrong doers as well as those who will run and hide. The 3rd Street Saints are supposed to rescue the city from destruction and herein lays the real adventure.

Invisible Baseball Bat Glitch (online) cheat for Saint's Row on Xbox 360

First, you'll need a car (any vehicle will do). Equip your baseball bat and press Y (to normally enter the car), then Immediately start swinging the bat constantly.
You will be invisible the whole time so you can actually walk up to an enemy and wack him to death without knowing what happened!
However, if you stop swinging you will be automatically transported back to the car you used the glitch on.
After a long period of time the invisibility will wear off and you will be exposed without warning, so use it sparingly!
This glitch can be used as many times as you want (Note: When you find a car make sure no one is around to see you do the glitch because then your opponents will know you're cheating).

Game Name: Saint's Row

Cheat Name: Invisible Baseball Bat Glitch (online)

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