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Hitman: Blood Money Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Hitman: Blood Money
Game Description: In Hitman: Blood Money, play the role of the enigmatic Agent 47 as he travels to America trying to make a killing. As earlier, the big bad bald guy with the bar code is there to draw you farther into his deadly world where the secret to success is to be smart, anonymous and ruthless. In Hitman: Blood Money, you know that making money by killing the rich and powerful in high profile locations is possible. But when a rival agency enters the scene, it is time for war. A war where only the best hit man will be left standing.


Unlimited Money cheat for Hitman: Blood Money on Xbox 360

game name:

Hitman: Blood Money

cheat title:

Unlimited Money


On the level Vintage Year take the W2000 and the Silverballer go to the side of the mansion with the trail going to the hanger.

Place your sniper on the ground near the mansion after the guard passes then go to the guard and take him as a human shield, then knock him out.

Drag him into the area in the wall behind the truck and take his clothes. Next get your sniper and snipe Delgado Sr.

Then put your sniper away and go into the wine cellar via the entrance in front of the mansion and wait for Delgado Jr. behind the wine barrels near to table with the cocaine.

When he is leaving fibre wire him and dispose him in the box behind the barrels. Then leave the wine cellar via the way you entered.

Next go back to the path leading to the hangar and grab your sniper and head down there and watch for the workman then sedate the VIP Guard then run around to the exit, and save just before exiting.

When you do exit you will get a silent assassin rating and you will get a 150k rating bonus then press Y to restart then reload the saved game and you can get another 150k.

Doing this over and over will get you all the money you want. Enjoy!

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