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Hitman: Blood Money Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Hitman: Blood Money
  • Game Description: In Hitman: Blood Money, play the role of the enigmatic Agent 47 as he travels to America trying to make a killing. As earlier, the big bad bald guy with the bar code is there to draw you farther into his deadly world where the secret to success is to be smart, anonymous and ruthless. In Hitman: Blood Money, you know that making money by killing the rich and powerful in high profile locations is possible. But when a rival agency enters the scene, it is time for war. A war where only the best hit man will be left standing.

Tip: More Cash cheat for Hitman: Blood Money on Xbox 360

If you want cash so you can upgrade your weapons or misc items then after you've completed a game on any difficulty you can get more money by getting the Silent Assasin rating at any mission.
You won't get the big payout, but you will get rating bonus cash.

Game Name: Hitman: Blood Money

Cheat Name: Tip: More Cash

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