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Hitman: Blood Money Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Hitman: Blood Money
  • Game Description: In Hitman: Blood Money, play the role of the enigmatic Agent 47 as he travels to America trying to make a killing. As earlier, the big bad bald guy with the bar code is there to draw you farther into his deadly world where the secret to success is to be smart, anonymous and ruthless. In Hitman: Blood Money, you know that making money by killing the rich and powerful in high profile locations is possible. But when a rival agency enters the scene, it is time for war. A war where only the best hit man will be left standing.

A New Life Silent Assasin Ranking cheat for Hitman: Blood Money on Xbox 360

At the start of the mission walk round the corner and there will be a orange van.

Wait for the butler to walk away from the van, when he does this go over to it and pick up the doughnuts, walk round the corner to where you started and pull out your syringe sedative.

Then once again you must go around the corner and look over the road, there will be a white van.

Go up to it and move round the back of it until an option saying "put down doughnuts", select the option and run away.

A cutscene will come up showing 2 FBI agents eating the doughnuts and choking to death.

Go into the van and take a suit from an agent and also steal the video tape from the shelf on the left side.

Then go across the road and into the house, keep going into forward until you reach outside.

Run past the pool and go around the corner, check no-one is around and pick the lock of the big shed.

Once inside pick up the lighter fluid and head back to the pool.

Go up to the end of the pool and go up to the barbecue grill and select rig the barbecue.

Quickly run back inside and hide under the stairs. there will be a cutscene of a girl burning.

Then go outside and walk back into the pool and walk up to her body and select the remove microfilm option, then go back to the stairs and go up them.

Turn right and go through the archway and go through the first door to the right.

Once inside turn left and hide behind the L shaped wall and equip your fibre wire.

Wait until a man in orange enters the room and starts doing something on his desk, then strangle him and drag his body behind the wall, then exit the room.

Run back to the starting point and you're done!

Game Name: Hitman: Blood Money

Cheat Name: A New Life Silent Assasin Ranking

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