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Far Cry 4 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Far Cry 4
  • Game Description: Insane despot Pagan Min reigns over the Himalayan wilderness called Kryat. You are Ajay Ghale, and your return to Kryat embroils you in a civil war. Conquer fortresses with a wide range of weapons, ride elephants, fly a gyrocopter, and more. This FPS delivers an immersive adventure in an exotic location, building on the success of the previous Far Cry games. Explore the open world environment with your friends, but don’t forget to return to Far Cry 4’s single player campaign to shape the fate of Kryat through your decisions.

Kyrat Fashion Week cheat for Far Cry 4 on Xbox 360

Mr Chiffon can be found west of the Kyra Tea Weigh Station at coordinates: 325, 384 (X, Y). Talking to Mr Chiffon triggers the Kyrat Fashion Week quests to appear at safe houses. In order to complete these quests, you will need to find and kill the following rare animals.

Sky Tiger – Head to the entrance to the valley at Barnali’s Textiles (444, 689) and enter the cave. Take down the tiger with an assault rifle.

Mad Devil – There is a cave at Keo Gold Storage (440, 815). To get inside, you must fight the wolves. Then kill this animal using a bow or auto cross.

Shadow Leopard – Located on a tall plateau at Keo Logging Camp (417, 754). Kill is with an assault rifle.

Ghost Bear – Located in the Keo Pradhana Mine (695, 620). Kill it with a shotgun, such as the SPAS-12 or ’87.

Tenzin – Located at the Kyra Tea Terraces (391, 330). Kill it with a bow or auto cross.

Black Water Dragon – Located at the Kyra Tea Weigh Station (346, 381). Kill it with explosives (grenades, a grenade launcher, explosive arrows, C-4, etc.)

Gulo – Located at Pranijigat School (346, 625). Kill it with a light machine gun.

Thick Skin – Located at Rajgad Gular (808, 788). Kill it with Molotov cocktails.

Karkadann – Head to the 6 crashed cars on the bridge at Shanath Breeders (381, 572). Kill it with a shotgun, particularly the SPAS-12 or ’87.

Game Name: Far Cry 4

Cheat Name: Kyrat Fashion Week

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