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Far Cry 4 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Far Cry 4
  • Game Description: Insane despot Pagan Min reigns over the Himalayan wilderness called Kryat. You are Ajay Ghale, and your return to Kryat embroils you in a civil war. Conquer fortresses with a wide range of weapons, ride elephants, fly a gyrocopter, and more. This FPS delivers an immersive adventure in an exotic location, building on the success of the previous Far Cry games. Explore the open world environment with your friends, but don’t forget to return to Far Cry 4’s single player campaign to shape the fate of Kryat through your decisions.

Hunting Quests cheat for Far Cry 4 on Xbox 360

Hunting quests comprise three categories: Control, Supplies, and Survival. Speak with the NPC at the locations below to start the corresponding hunting mission:

Type: Control

Shanath coordinates – X: 446, Y: 605
Speak with the yak herder outside of the arena.
Tirtha coordinates – X: 499, Y: 372
Speak with the fur trapper whose wife was killed by honey badgers.
Utkarsh coordinates – X: 492, Y: 758
Speak with Anuj lost his brother to pit vipers.
West Of Sahi Jile Checkpoint coordinates – X: 642, Y: 759
Speak with the former prisoners to give you this quest.

Type: Supplies

Shanath coordinates – X: 447, Y: 607
Tirtha coordinates – X: 497, Y: 369
Utkarsh coordinates – X: 492, Y: 758
West Of Sahi Jile Checkpoint coordinates – X: 642, Y: 759

Type: Survival

Border Observation Post coordinates – X: 810, Y: 663
Search for the wounded rock climbers who are in danger from snow leopards.
Rochan Brick Co. Storage coordinates – X: 439, Y: 542
Head to the river to find three people trapped by tigers.
Royal Guard Kennels coordinates – X: 606, Y: 708
There are three people beside a bear cave that need your protection.
Shanath Training Ground
Three people are being attakhed by honey badgers.
Shikharpur coordinates – X: 674, Y: 699
Three people are being attacked by wolves.
Varshakot coordinates – X: 506, Y: 430
Save the people from Dholes.

Game Name: Far Cry 4

Cheat Name: Hunting Quests

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