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Far Cry 4 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Far Cry 4
  • Game Description: Insane despot Pagan Min reigns over the Himalayan wilderness called Kryat. You are Ajay Ghale, and your return to Kryat embroils you in a civil war. Conquer fortresses with a wide range of weapons, ride elephants, fly a gyrocopter, and more. This FPS delivers an immersive adventure in an exotic location, building on the success of the previous Far Cry games. Explore the open world environment with your friends, but don’t forget to return to Far Cry 4’s single player campaign to shape the fate of Kryat through your decisions.

Alternate Ending #2 cheat for Far Cry 4 on Xbox 360

For another alternate ending, when you get to Pagan Min’s Royal Palace in the final mission of the game, search for and equip a Rocket Launcher and go into the Palace. When you reach Pagan Min, don't shoot him. Simply wait for Pagan Min to enter his helicopter and you will return to gameplay while he is in view. Switch to the Rocket Launcher and shoot at the helicopter to bring it down. Descend the mountain and using the explosives there, blast the doors open and find Pagan Min’s corpse. Loot him for his Golden Pen, Lapel Pin and $250,000. This ending enables you to continue playing.

Game Name: Far Cry 4

Cheat Name: Alternate Ending #2

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