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FIFA 10 Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: FIFA 10
Game Description: Are you ready to play football? The gameplay fundamentals in FIFA 10 have been improved so that the game more closely mimics real world football. You get better ball control and better physical interaction between players. Also, players move, act, and situate themselves much more realistically. When on offense, players analyze the space better, curve their runs to stay onside, and create passing lanes naturally. This gives more variety in offensive options. When you're playing defense, there are new features like position priority that help defenders multitask so that spaces left open by teammates are covered properly. Also, you get slide-tackle targeting and better clearance logic, giving you new options that make defense a much more tactical skill in FIFA 10 than in earlier games. When you're at the goal line, many improvements and enhancements to goalkeeper intelligence produce a more responsive and strong rush and realistic, breathtaking saves.


Phoenix from Ashes cheat for FIFA 10 on Xbox 360

game name:


cheat title:

Phoenix from Ashes


Go on to create a player and go onto the attributes and max it up.

Then go onto a manager mode and start with a 2 star team or lower (I started with Rotherham United), but any team with 2 stars or under will be fine.

Then at the bit where you can put your virtual pro, and put your created players on, you will get the achievrment before you get onto the manager mode menu.

This only works if you have Xbox Live.

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