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FIFA 10 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: FIFA 10
  • Game Description: Are you ready to play football? The gameplay fundamentals in FIFA 10 have been improved so that the game more closely mimics real world football. You get better ball control and better physical interaction between players. Also, players move, act, and situate themselves much more realistically. When on offense, players analyze the space better, curve their runs to stay onside, and create passing lanes naturally. This gives more variety in offensive options. When you're playing defense, there are new features like position priority that help defenders multitask so that spaces left open by teammates are covered properly. Also, you get slide-tackle targeting and better clearance logic, giving you new options that make defense a much more tactical skill in FIFA 10 than in earlier games. When you're at the goal line, many improvements and enhancements to goalkeeper intelligence produce a more responsive and strong rush and realistic, breathtaking saves.

Achievements cheat for FIFA 10 on Xbox 360

A Star Is Born - 10 Gamerpoints - Create a Virtual Pro.
Always Available - 35 Gamerpoints - Complete a season in Be A Pro: Seasons without simming a game.
Around The World - 15 Gamerpoints - Play a match with a team from every league.
Camera Man - 10 Gamerpoints - Upload a video to EA SPORTS Football World.
Challenging Schedule - 45 Gamerpoints - Complete a Manager Mode Season without simming a game.
Climbing the Ladder - 45 Gamerpoints - Win consecutive promotions with the same Club in Manager Mode.
Cup Upset - 10 Gamerpoints - Win a 16 team Tournament with a 1 Star team when playing on Professional difficulty or higher.
Double Champs - 40 Gamerpoints - Win consecutive League titles in any top tier League in Manager Mode.
Established - 50 Gamerpoints - Become a 5 Star Manager.
Experimental - 20 Gamerpoints - Play 5 consecutive Xbox LIVE Head to Head Ranked matches using a different team.
FIFA Fever - 5 Gamerpoints - Catch the Fever by beating someone on Xbox LIVE who already has it.
Globetrotter - 30 Gamerpoints - Win titles in all 5 major European Leagues - England, France, Italy, Germany & Spain).
Good Form - 20 Gamerpoints - Play 5 consecutive Xbox LIVE Head to Head Ranked matches without losing.
Good Friend - 25 Gamerpoints - Create a goal for a Friend with a cross.
Grind it Out - 10 Gamerpoints - Win a match with 10 men on Xbox LIVE or when playing on Professional difficulty or higher.
Hard Earned Win - 10 Gamerpoints - Beat a 5 Star team with a Half Star team on Xbox LIVE or against Professional difficulty or higher.
Limited Resources - 50 Gamerpoints - Win a League or Cup in Manager Mode with a 1 Star team or lower.
Looking Good - 10 Gamerpoints - Download your Game Face from EA SPORTS Football World.
Lounging Around - 10 Gamerpoints - Score 2500 points and win 5 Badges in a single Lounge Mode match.
No Pressure - 35 Gamerpoints - Achieve 100% Board Confidence at any Club in Manager Mode.
Off the Woodwork - 15 Gamerpoints - Score off the post or cross bar in a match.
Phoenix from the Ashes - 25 Gamerpoints - Make a 5 Star team out of a 2 Star team or lower within 5 seasons in Manager Mode.
Photographer - 10 Gamerpoints - Upload a Screenshot to EA SPORTS Football World.
Practice Makes Perfect - 10 Gamerpoints - Work on your skills in Practice Mode.
Real Fan - 50 Gamerpoints - Play for over fifty hours.
Recognise Anyone? - 5 Gamerpoints - Download your Club member Game Faces from EA SPORTS Football World.
Shooting Boots - 5 Gamerpoints - Score 5 goals in 1 Arena kick-about.
Skilled Pro - 25 Gamerpoints - Unlock 100 EA SPORTS Football World Accomplishments with your Virtual Pro.
Team Player - 25 Gamerpoints - Play a Pro Club Championship match as a full team - 10 players).
The Treble - 75 Gamerpoints - Win 3 trophies in 1 Manager Mode Season.
Theatre of Dreams - 10 Gamerpoints - Upgrade your Stadium Manager to Level 10.
Ton up - 100 Gamerpoints - Win 100 Online Classic Ranked Matches.
Top of the League? - 10 Gamerpoints - Win a match in a Friends League.
Total Control - 5 Gamerpoints - Win a match with fully manual settings - no assistance can be switched on).
Underdog - 20 Gamerpoints - Win an Xbox LIVE Head to Head Ranked match using a weaker team than your opponent.
Well Travelled - 25 Gamerpoints - Win a match in every stadium.
Wheeler Dealer - 15 Gamerpoints - Buy 50 players in your Manager Mode career.
Window shopping - 5 Gamerpoints - Visit the FIFA 10 Store.

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