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Dragon Age: Inquisition Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Game Description: In this epic sequel to Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, Thedas is caught in a civil war and under threat from dangerous tears in the Veil. As a survivor of the sudden Breach who emerges unharmed from the Fade, you must become the Inquisitor—and lead the Inquisition to close the tears and restore peace. Shape the world through your decisions and interact with characters old and new in a wide, varied world. Taking elements from both of its predecessors, Inquisition promises to satisfy both fans of Dragon Age and of RPGs in general.

War Nug Mount cheat for Dragon Age: Inquisition on Xbox 360

You can get a War Nug mount if you go to Val Royeaux, find the vendor Deraboam, and check the chest near him. Buy “The Mystery Box” for 10,000 gold and you’ll receive a new mission on the war board, “The Big One?” Send an advisor to complete the mission, and they will return with a War Nug mount.

Game Name: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Cheat Name: War Nug Mount

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