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Dragon Age: Inquisition Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Game Description: In this epic sequel to Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, Thedas is caught in a civil war and under threat from dangerous tears in the Veil. As a survivor of the sudden Breach who emerges unharmed from the Fade, you must become the Inquisitor—and lead the Inquisition to close the tears and restore peace. Shape the world through your decisions and interact with characters old and new in a wide, varied world. Taking elements from both of its predecessors, Inquisition promises to satisfy both fans of Dragon Age and of RPGs in general.

New Agents Guide cheat for Dragon Age: Inquisition on Xbox 360

Follow the instructions below to gain new agents.

Connections Agents
Barter By Belle – She will appear on the ground floor of an outdoors stand in Val Royeux after you encounter the Chantry and Lord Seeker Templars. Just talking to her is enough for her to join you.
Enchanter Ellendra – In the Hinterlands, if you go to the Winterwatch Tower and loot items from the bodies of Templars, she will be in a cave at the Crossroads. Cassandra can convince her to join you.
Fairbanks – At the Emerald Graves, get the “Noble Deeds, Noble Hearts” quest from Clara at Argon’s Lodge. Afterwards, Fairbanks will decide to either become a noble or join you.
Florianne – During the Halamshiral quest in which you have to prevent the Empress’s assassination, announce Florianne as the person responsible. At Skyhold, you can use the throne to force her to join you.
Sky Watcher – At The Fallow Mire, save the soldiers at Hargrave Keep. As you leave, close the nearby Rift and talk to Sky Watcher for him to join.

Forces Agents
Clemence – During the mage alliance quest at Redcliffe, talk to Alexius and Fiona. After that, talk to Clemence at the Gull & Lantern tavern, and he will join you.
Corporal Vale – Save enough refugees in the Hinterlands, and Corporal Vale’s soldiers will ask to help you. You can either accept money or have them join as agents.
Michel de Chevin – Talk to the soldier at the village in Emprise du Lion, who will send you to kill Imshael at Suledin Keep. Talk to the Michel there before you do so.
Loranil – Once you complete enough quests from the Dalish Camp at the Exalted Plains, Loranil will join you.
Ser Barris – Ally with the Templars at the Therinfal Redoubt, and complete the “Champions of the Just” quest for him to join.
The Blades of Hessarian – At Storm’s Coast, craft “Mercy’s Quest” and equip it. Then, go to the bandits’ camp and defeat their leader in combat. After that, you can talk to any of the bandits for them to join you.

Secrets Agents
Ritts – Talk to the Inquisitor Scout by the White Pass Camp in the Hinterlands to get the “Strange Bedfellows” quest. Complete it as a dwarven character or with Varric in your party for Ritts to join.
Tanner – Defeat the Templars in the Hinterlands, and you’ll get a note about Tanner’s involvement with smuggling. Take Cassandra to Redcliffe and talk to Tanner just down from the Chantry for her to join.
Jana – Take Solas to the North Gate Camp at Crestwood and talk with Jana to have her join.
Frederic – Go to the Western Approach and complete all of Frederic’s quests for him to join.
Alexius – You must have unlocked Arcane Knowledge. Go to Alexius at Redcliffe Castle and help the mages. Let Alexius live, and you can then go to Skyhold to force him to join.
Servis – Take Servis into custody at the Western Approach. You can then go to Skyhold to force him to join.

Inquisition Agent
Horsemaster Dennet – Go to the ranch at the west of the Hinterlands with either Vivienne or Cassandra, and talk to him for him to join.

Forces or Connections Agent
Lord Berand – At the Hinterlands, go to the enclave at Dwarfson’s Pass and talk to Berand. Complete the quest he gives you, and he’ll offer to either join himself or use his influence to help.

Connections or Secrets Agent
Speaker Anais – Finish the “Praise the Herald of Andraste” quest at the Hinterlands, and you can have Anais join in one of two ways.

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