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Dragon Age: Inquisition Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Game Description: In this epic sequel to Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, Thedas is caught in a civil war and under threat from dangerous tears in the Veil. As a survivor of the sudden Breach who emerges unharmed from the Fade, you must become the Inquisitor—and lead the Inquisition to close the tears and restore peace. Shape the world through your decisions and interact with characters old and new in a wide, varied world. Taking elements from both of its predecessors, Inquisition promises to satisfy both fans of Dragon Age and of RPGs in general.

Treasure Maps cheat for Dragon Age: Inquisition on Xbox 360

Search the locations described below to find treasure maps and their treasure.

Farmland Cave Treasure Map – Search through Hafter’s Woods to find the map. Then, follow the map to the Redcliffe Farms, and then west to Dead Ram Grove. Head up the hill to find a cave, with another cave to the south. The treasure is in the south cave.

Halihn Sulahn Treasure Map – Find the hunter’s camp at Ghilan’nain’s Grove and look for the map. Be aware that you may encounter a dragon, so you’ll need to either fight it or sneak around it. Take the map to the Exalted Plains and head southwest toward the Dalish Camp. There is a waterfall to its south. Climb up the mountain to the waterfall’s right to reach the treasure.

Watcher’s Pass Treasure Map – Go to the Emerald Graves and talk to Fairbanks. The map is in one of the shacks in the camp. Follow it west. Find the Fade Rift near the Rush of Sighs and climb the nearby mountain. There is a tree there. Follow the path to the tree’s left to find the treasure.

Waterfall Treasure Map – Go to the Hinterlands and locate the map in the upper camp. Head toward Lake Luthias next, and follow the West Road until you reach a broken bridge. Take the eastern path toward the waterfall and fight the Templars there. A path by the Templar Encampment will lead you behind the waterfall, where you’ll find the treasure under a patch of dirt.

From the first Crestwood camp, find the next closest camp, and search the ledges around it for a chest that contains the Wedge of Destiny cheese shield.

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Cheat Name: Treasure Maps

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