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Dead Space 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Dead Space 3
Game Description: In Dead Space 3 Isaac Clarke John Carver take a journey through the depths of space in order to try and discover the source of the Necromorph plague and to uncover all the secrets that are contained in the Tau Volantis. If playing alone, you'll take on the role of Isaac, but a friend can join you to play through as John.


Secret Achievements cheat for Dead Space 3 on Xbox 360

game name:

Dead Space 3

cheat title:

Secret Achievements


Stranger in a Strange Land - 10 gamerpoints - Complete the Prologue.
Space Odyssey - 15 gamerpoints - Survive your first spacewalk.
Critical Mass - 15 gamerpoints - Recover the shuttle.
Snow Crash - 15 gamerpoints - Reach Tau Volantis.
Intestinal Fortitude - 25 gamerpoints - Defeat the Hive Mind.
Hydra - 15 gamerpoints - Kill the Snowbeast.
Together as One - 15 gamerpoints - Reassemble Rosetta.
Infernal Machine - 15 gamerpoints - Reach the Alien Machine.
Shoot for the Moon - 50 gamerpoints - Defeat the Moon.
Under a Buck - 10 gamerpoints - Shoot the deer head trophy in the Admiral's Quarters.
Space Ace - 20 gamerpoints - Shoot at least 70 targets during the ride to Tau Volantis.
Hungry - 20 gamerpoints - Reach the pump room of the Waystation without alerting any Feeders.
Drill Sergeant - 30 gamerpoints - Complete the Drill Room without taking any damage.
Weedkiller - 30 gamerpoints - Kill 5 Cysts in the Biology Building with a single poison gas cloud.
Aliens - 15 gamerpoints - Collect all Alien Artifacts.
Close Encounter - 10 gamerpoints - Kill 10 alien Necromorphs.

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