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Dead Rising Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dead Rising
  • Game Description: A search for a lifetime scoop turns out to be the most harrowing experience for Frank West in Dead Rising. A photojournalist, you follow a lead and enter a small suburban town and are shocked to find that it has been occupied by zombies. You escape into the safety of a shopping mall only to discover that it is anything but safe. There are a multitude of shops in the shopping mall and it is your creativity that can keep you alive. Along the way, you need to find the truth behind this epidemic in this fascinating Xbox 360 game.

PP Secrets And Tips cheat for Dead Rising on Xbox 360

Go to the wonderland plaza and get on the space rider stay on it until the ride does 1 full lap.

Go to the food court and put a pizza in the microwave.

You can also put a frying pan on the stove.

Go to the al fresca plaza and in the gym (shop near food court to the right) break open the sandbags and if you break open all of them you should get an extra 10,000 pp.

If you have unlocked overtime mode and are struggling training just start it again grab some shotguns and just keep killing soldiers. Also try killing soldiers in seons food en stuff to get some food for tricky situations but be careful there are around 10 soldiers! if you ever run out of weapons run to carlito's hideout, its the safest place.

If youre struggling with escorting survivors grab a pie and a snack and blend them together for zombait. If you have zombait in your hand zombies will come after you and not the survivors.

Game Name: Dead Rising

Cheat Name: PP Secrets And Tips

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