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Dead Rising Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dead Rising
  • Game Description: A search for a lifetime scoop turns out to be the most harrowing experience for Frank West in Dead Rising. A photojournalist, you follow a lead and enter a small suburban town and are shocked to find that it has been occupied by zombies. You escape into the safety of a shopping mall only to discover that it is anything but safe. There are a multitude of shops in the shopping mall and it is your creativity that can keep you alive. Along the way, you need to find the truth behind this epidemic in this fascinating Xbox 360 game.

Easy PP cheat for Dead Rising on Xbox 360

When you first start the game, when you see the old man trying to hit you with the pole when the zombies come get on top of that sign that has a watch on it.
Look and you will see a lot of zombies take some pictures and if you get it at a good angle you can get group photo achievement and 1,000 pp.
Repeat this cheat as many times you want.

Game Name: Dead Rising

Cheat Name: Easy PP

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