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Dead Island Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dead Island
  • Game Description: Dead Island involves thrilling combat action combined with a non-linear FPP (First Person Perspective) survival horror tale. For the first time on Xbox 360, you are allowed to use virtually anything in your surroundings as a weapon and to make choices that can be the final verdict for the whole world around you. Dead Island immerses you in intense, brutal and terrifying horror environments that are full with a prominently real story.

Moresby Wall Breach cheat for Dead Island on Xbox 360

This is only doable in Moresby.

There are certain doors in Moresby you can wall breach, but they have to be white and they have to look old (this is hard to describe!).

All you need to do is crouch and look all the way down. Then slowly walk into the wall.

PS: Then you should be invincible. Sometimes the zombies will glitch and spawn in the building.

Game Name: Dead Island

Cheat Name: Moresby Wall Breach

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