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CastleMiner Z Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: CastleMiner Z
  • Game Description: CastleMiner Z is the best selling Xbox 360 indie title of all time and is an online co-op survival horror title. You must progress through an ever-changing world with your friends, in co-op mode, and make your own weapons while also killing and defeating dragons and zombies! If you like Minecraft you'll probably like CastleMiner Z.

Mineral City (Diamonds, Gold, Bloodstone) cheat for CastleMiner Z on Xbox 360

This is BASIC.

You jus need to travel 3,100 blocks from wherever you start and you'll come to a big rocky area where you'll find gold on the surface.

Once you've got uyour gold, find iron and make an iron pickaxe, then a gold pickaxe, then a diamond pickaxe, and then finally a Bloodstone pickaxe!

Just a warning though - unless you have set the mode to "no enemies" the further you get away from the spawn point the monsters that will come after you!

Game Name: CastleMiner Z

Cheat Name: Mineral City (Diamonds, Gold, Bloodstone)

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