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Call of Duty 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Call of Duty 2
  • Game Description: Call of Duty 2 is a first- person shooter game. It is sequel of Call of Duty. Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty 2 was released in November 2005. The players take roles of different protagonists according to their mission objective during World War 2. Every player has two options for weapons, which can be swapped with those left on the battlefields and they can carry both smoke grenades and fragmentation. Binoculars helps in the long range use of the flak 88s, crusader MK 2 tanks and for some special mission in which players have to do artillery fire to defend a city. The gamers should stay away from grenade explosions or tank blasts for safety purpose so that as to enter in the battle again. If you die then you have to restart the game at last checkpoints, which is not a good idea. So, play carefully and try to not get injured so that you as a player survive the tough combat action. This is the call of duty and your country is calling.

Big Anctoville Glitch cheat for Call of Duty 2 on Xbox 360

This glitch takes time and practice but it works and is amazing when you get up there. First, head to the barn and look direcly at it from the front. To your right (I think it is east on the compass but i am not sure so do it this way just in case I mislead someone) are two gates and a dirt road. The first building on your left through the gaes has a lamppost right next to it, and a window that juts out from the house so that you could walk on it.

OK, go up the stairs in the house, and climb out the window that is just above the window that juts out, carefully crawl out so that you fall and land on the wooden platform on top of the jutting window. Remember the lampost? Well back up to the back of the wooden platform and give a running jump to that lampost. Now the corner of the house's roof that you just jumped to the lampost from is almost within jumping distance, but you must throw a grenade at the ground by the corner of the house, count to four, and jump towards the side of the roof (not directly at the corner, you cant get that high from a grenade jump). Dont jump too far from the corner, just barely past it. It will take a few tries, but you can make it. This rooftop is an exellent sniping spot.

Now if you want to get outside the map, follow the unstructions above all the way through. You should be on that sniping rooftop. Once you get blown onto the roof look to the right. Go over the rooftop down to the righthand side (away from the lampost) and you will see a building with no roof, but some rafters instead. If you get a running jump from the first roof, you are barely able to jump from the bottom of the first roof to the corner of the house with rafters. It is easier to throw a grenade at the ground between the two houses and try to grenade jump over there, however if you have not had much grenade jumping practice, take a big breath and run and jump for it. Once you are there, stay on the corner. Count two rafters in front of you, and walk VERY CAREFULLY up that second rafter and down the other side of the building (CAUTION: there is a section of the rafter on the downside that is blown away, so dont walk all the way down on the backside, get to where the rafter stops, and jump down.) After you reach the other side of the rafter building, jump down and enjoy being outside the map, the street goes on for a little while so have fun looking at the buildings and going into them. But be careful not to step into white spaces where there is nothing, you will die and have to do it all over again.

- Extention of Cheat:

So the person who started typed the Anctoville glitch left us off on top of the roof with the wooden rafters. There is alot more to this glitch. Instead of going on the rafters and falling out of the level, climb the rafter to the left of the broken one. The rafter you are looking at should have a dent in it about half way down. Slowly walk down the rafter until you guy reaches this dent. Dont move any further. Now you have to trust me on this. Once you reach the rafter, just jump straight. Dont aim for anything, just jump.

Once you jump you should be on an invisible bridge. Walk slowly across this bridge on an angle to the house with the blown off roof, but do not go inside the house or on top of the roof. If you see wooden pieces jutting out the side of the roof, jump on them. Carefully jump until you can get to the top of the roof. Be careful not to fall!

Slowly walk to the chimney on the roof and jump on it. You should see another house and the roof should be partly missing. Dont worry about that and jump from the chimney. Once you get onto this roof, you must then again jump to another roof. See those trees? There should be one to the right of you and then one straight in front of you. There should also be another roof next to the tree in front of you.

This part is hard. You have to time the jumping just right. When you feel a little bump in the roof, jump for the next roof. If you manage to make it to this roof, you can jump into the tree that was in front of you earlier. This spot isnt very good for sniping. The chimney mentioned above is alot better.

Game Name: Call of Duty 2

Cheat Name: Big Anctoville Glitch

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