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Bolt Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Bolt
  • Game Description: Bolt and Penny feature in this new Xbox 360 game from the Disney stable - Bolt.

Cheat Mode cheat for Bolt on Xbox 360

Go to the Extras menu and then select Cheats. Enter one of the following codes to unlock that cheat option.

Unlimited Enchanced Vision
Press Left, Right, Up, Down.

Unlimited Gas Mines
Press Right, Left(2), Up, Down, Right.

Unlimited Ground Pound
Press Right, Up, Right, Up, Left, Down.

Unlimited Invulnerability
Press Down(2), Up, Left.

Unlimited Laser Eyes
Press Left(2), Up, Right.

Unlimited Stealth Camo
Press Left, Down(3).

Unlimited SuperBark
Press Right, Left(2), Up, Down, Up.

Level select
Press Right, Up, Left, Right, Up, Right.

All Mini Games
Press Right, Up, Right(2).

Game Name: Bolt

Cheat Name: Cheat Mode

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