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Ashes Cricket 2009 Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Ashes Cricket 2009
Game Description: Ashes Series 2009 brings you the officially licensed teams, venues, players, gear, and equipment from the 2009 Ashes Series. More than ever, this game brings you closer to the action of the series. You'll probably feel like you should be wearing their whites, as well! Fully licensed with the teams, Ashes Cricket 2009 brings you all the excitement, athletic prowess, skill, and technical execution of cricket. The comprehensive 'Ashes' mode features all of the tests carefully reproduced in a licensed replica of the actual venue. You'll also be able to play as a number of international teams in venues worldwide, as well as test matches and One Day Internationals!


Easy Wickets cheat for Ashes Cricket 2009 on Xbox 360

game name:

Ashes Cricket 2009

cheat title:

Easy Wickets


Select a fast bowler. Before you bowl press left on the d-pad you will see the bowler taking on step to the left. Finish the over (if you take any wickets its a bonus during this over).

Now select a new bowler again choose a fast bowler. Do exactly the same, stride to the left.

Finish the over. Select the previous bowler that you pressed left on the d-pad. You will see he will automatically step to the right. Then you will know it worked.

Now bowl directly onto the wickets you will see the bowler running, stumping the wickets on the opposite end, and bowl the batsman out. He will not even attempt to bat!

Just remember to step left again before the end of the over, now select the second bowler that that you stepped left with again.

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