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Armored Core: For Answer Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Armored Core: For Answer
  • Game Description: Armored Core: For Answer is the 13th game title in line in the well renowned mech series Armored Core. Tuned even further for the Xbox 360, this time you can cut your way inside other mechs and then proceed to obliterate them from the inside out. What's more, besides upgraded graphics and gameplay, you can customize your mech from hundreds and hundreds of different materials, styles, colors, decals... and don't forget weapons!

ORCA Storyline cheat for Armored Core: For Answer on Xbox 360

There is a semi-hidden story line within the game surrounding ORCA. To begin this storyline you need to complete the two missions 'Defeat Red Rum and Stark' and 'Destroy Megalis'. This should then make 'Destroy Arteria Ulna' available, which is the begining of the line.

Game Name: Armored Core: For Answer

Cheat Name: ORCA Storyline

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