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Armored Core: For Answer Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Armored Core: For Answer
  • Game Description: Armored Core: For Answer is the 13th game title in line in the well renowned mech series Armored Core. Tuned even further for the Xbox 360, this time you can cut your way inside other mechs and then proceed to obliterate them from the inside out. What's more, besides upgraded graphics and gameplay, you can customize your mech from hundreds and hundreds of different materials, styles, colors, decals... and don't forget weapons!

Infinite Energy Mech cheat for Armored Core: For Answer on Xbox 360

In the game you get to a point where you are given the option of fighting either with or against White Glint.

If you choose to fight alongside the White Glint and win against the other two mechs you get his blueprints and parts as a reward.

Go into the access mode and build the craft.

If you build it exactly, you should find that the craft has infinite energy while boosting.

Note: if you change ANY parts this doesn't work as it only works with the blueprint loadout, editing the paint scheme is okay though.

Game Name: Armored Core: For Answer

Cheat Name: Infinite Energy Mech

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