Darksiders II Crucible Mode Announced

The hotly-anticipated Darksiders II just got one more reason to be a part of your gaming library when it releases later this month. Crucible mode, which is essentially Batman: Arkham Asylum’s challenge mode with some added incentives for those who who choose to partake in it. Unlike Batman, however, the Crucible will feature mini-bosses and real bosses, both of which offer sweet loot at the end of every fifth round. You can also opt to continue at the end of the fifth round for a chance at better loot, but at the potential risk of losing any loot you’ve already accumulated. It’s essentially Who Wants to Be a Millionare? with loot. Awesome! Hit the jump for some gameplay.

Although its predecessor was received fairly well, Darksiders 2 looks set to improve on the shortcomings of the first game. With a much more vibrant art style, some serious overhauls to the overall experience, and what looks to be a lengthy and content-heavy singleplayer experience, Darksiders 2 might just be the summer’s sleeper hit. Considering the amount of advertisement money that THQ is pouring into this title, I certainly hope so!

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