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Risen Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Risen
  • Game Description: In Risen for the Xbox 360, the game is set in a medieval world of a Mediterranean island: a volcanic island. In this role playing game, the story unfolds through four chapters that offer numerous ways to develop the story with your own actions and decisions. The user control interface works well for the part-time gamers to the most hardcore players. Risen includes full world streaming support, meaning you don't have to wait for tedious areas to load when you play.

Money and XP Glitch cheat for Risen on Xbox 360

Early in the game you meet a NPC that leads you down to the swamp. Follow him and head north until you are at the "Don's Temple" (you'll know where you are because a guard stops you from going in).

Head east past crates and barrels and follow the path up the hill. Turn right heading up the hill and you'll come across a house in the middle of a pond.

Talk to a man named "Rhobart", he will end up giving you a quest to find "10 Brugleweed" so he can make beer. There is a heap around the pond and the swamp.

Once done talk to Rhobart and give him the 10 Brugleweed. He will give you 70 gold, 50XP every time you do this.

After that's done it's a good idea to save you game after each encounter as it's a pain to have to redo these tasks.

Now for the cheat! Attack Rhobart until he falls to the ground, then put your weapon away and then pickpocket. You'll get all of your Brugleweed back so when he wakes up again you can repeat...

PS: Be careful, when you knock Rhobart down, that you don't keep attacking as it will perform a finishing move making this cheat useless. That's why I recommend saving frequently.

PPS: The more Brugleweed you find the quicker you'll get rich and level up.

Game Name: Risen

Cheat Name: Money and XP Glitch

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