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Risen Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Risen
  • Game Description: In Risen for the Xbox 360, the game is set in a medieval world of a Mediterranean island: a volcanic island. In this role playing game, the story unfolds through four chapters that offer numerous ways to develop the story with your own actions and decisions. The user control interface works well for the part-time gamers to the most hardcore players. Risen includes full world streaming support, meaning you don't have to wait for tedious areas to load when you play.

Escape the Monastery cheat for Risen on Xbox 360

If you're trapped in the monastery and you want to escape quick, you must head east where you will find a small lane guarded by the guard named Vince.

He will give you a warning not to go further.

When you don't mention his warning and head further he will repeat his warning once.

After that, he will attack you if you go any further.

Don't mention his warning and let him attack you.

Remember: You have to be out the lane if he attacks you (if he wont start attacking you, hit him first).

Vince will not kill you, he just gives you a warning.

So if he's done attacking you, you will be able to stand on your feet again.

Then you must look on your left to see a man dressed in a blue robe named Ignatius.

Talk to him and ask if he gives you permission to open the gate. He will give permission and you can leave the monastery whenever you want.

Game Name: Risen

Cheat Name: Escape the Monastery

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