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Just Cause 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Just Cause 2
  • Game Description: With extremely realistic weather and climate conditions in the vast game world spread over more than 1000 sq km, Just Cause 2 is for those who want to enjoy some real time adventurous stunts. The Xbox 360 gamers can dive from planes thousands of feet high in the sky, explore jungles or climb the snowcapped mountains. Rico, is the central character and you have to step in to his shoes to experience this genuine yet unique experience of the Just Cause 2 game. You just have to explore the world of Panau and take some assignments to finish and rise on the charts.

Unmount Vehicle Turret Glitch cheat for Just Cause 2 on Xbox 360

Find a vehicle with a mounted gun on the back (These can be found at the reapers HQ).

Once you have the vehicle, press B to stunt jump and then move the left direction stick toward the mounted gun, this should make Rico mount the weapon.

Once this is done, shoot the turret for around 10 seconds, stay in the turret and pause the game and save, once the game is saved, hit quit game.

Now hit start game, load the file that you just saved, and now you should have the turret in your hands.

Game Name: Just Cause 2

Cheat Name: Unmount Vehicle Turret Glitch

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