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Just Cause 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Just Cause 2
  • Game Description: With extremely realistic weather and climate conditions in the vast game world spread over more than 1000 sq km, Just Cause 2 is for those who want to enjoy some real time adventurous stunts. The Xbox 360 gamers can dive from planes thousands of feet high in the sky, explore jungles or climb the snowcapped mountains. Rico, is the central character and you have to step in to his shoes to experience this genuine yet unique experience of the Just Cause 2 game. You just have to explore the world of Panau and take some assignments to finish and rise on the charts.

Points of Interest cheat for Just Cause 2 on Xbox 360

Snow Peak
Co-ordinates - 20546 x 11828

Desert Peak
Co-ordinates - 8082 x 28454

Tropical Peak
Co-ordinates - 29197 x 28065

Mile High Club
Co-ordinates - 29584 x 11435
Jump from the top of the 2 airships and you have more than enough height to get the 1000m base jump.

Bubble Blaster (Weapon)
Coordinates - 4247 x 25959
It does no damage, but firing it at the police gets your heat up.

Beached whale
Coordinates - 29678 x 31349
Armor part can be found inside whale.

Fake shark
Coordinates - 12665 x 22595
A motorized shark fin, just some sort of motor beneath the waterline.

Hot air balloon
Coordinates - 7348 x 16140
Marked as a ? on pullout map. Shoot off all the sand bags, then activate the burner a bunch of times to get it going.

Lost Island
Coordinates - The small island in the top left of the map; the hatch is at 1743 x 4363.
Your plane blows up when you are over the island.

Race Track
Co-ordinates - 9170 x 11413
Very fast car can be found here.

Mount Rushmore Clone
Coordinates - 30453 x 30698, slightly southeast of the military base
Similar to Mount Rushmore.

Mile High Club
Co-ordinates - 29584 x 11435
Heli recommended. Has a helipad and a private jet you can use to leave. Make a 1000m base jump by jumping off the top of the balloons.

Ski Resort
Coordinates - 24574 x 14786

Panau Casino
Coordinates - 18565 x 17755

Panau International Airport
Coordinates - 9748 x 12798
Military controlled airport.

Panau Capital City
Coordinates - 3741 x 15786

Giant Satellite Dish
Coordinates - 23440 x 17420
Good for getting stunt driver points.

Cape Carnival Rocket base
Coordinates - 30172 x 14068

Karl Blaine's House
Coordinates - 17276 x 14343

Roaches HQ
Coordinates - 12063 x 11326

Reapers HQ
Coordinates - 17604 x 12909

Ular Boys
Coordinates - 17166 x 17225

Game Name: Just Cause 2

Cheat Name: Points of Interest

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