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Halo 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Halo 3
  • Game Description: After the overwhelming success of the first two chapters of Halo, comes Halo 3 to make its mark as one of the most popular Xbox 360 games ever. As the epic saga goes on to unravel itself we come across the most exciting climax of all where Master Chief is back to end the clash and thus he manages to bring on the collision of the Flood, the Covenant and the entire human race. So far the Halo trilogy has sold over 14.5 million units around the globe and more than 650 million hours of multiplayer action on Xbox Live has been recorded over the years.

Get Out of Construct cheat for Halo 3 on Xbox 360

Note: you have to be on Forge.

First, get to the map Construct. Then fly down to the lowest floor.
Fly out into the open space and then turn around and fly to the bottom of the lowest floor (to know that it is what your trying to get to, it should look like the two purple beams of light ending and a yellow circle in the middle of them).
After you have figured out that you cannot fly over to that beams of light, fly back up to the lowest floor and then fly towards the yellow grav lift and then before you ride up it turn around, and fly towards the purple beam on the RIGHT side fly really fast down the purple beam of light (press LT to fly faster).
Get close to either of the shaped holes that look like a hose not the ones that look more like triangles. Get close to either of the hose looking holes and then press up on the d-pad to turn back in to Master Chief and then you will drop on to a lower platform.
Then you can walk on to the middle space. you are out of the map!

Game Name: Halo 3

Cheat Name: Get Out of Construct

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