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Fallout 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Fallout 3
  • Game Description: Another first person role playing game unleashed by Engineers from Vault-Tec, Fallout 3 is the third installment of the Fallout series. The stage is set in the year 2227, 30 years from where its predecessor Fallout2 left. The game also supports third person perspective. With the Xbox 360 platform, the game offers realistic visuals and stunning combat sequence. The game portrays constant action with the character fighting super mutants and hostile creatures. The characters are more life like and the game offers some great cinema tics. Its one of the best first person shooter games that has ruled the gaming world.

Operation Anchorage Equipment cheat for Fallout 3 on Xbox 360

This cheat tells you how to get your equipment from Operation Anchorage into the actual game.

The first step is to get a body in the base. You can either kill a guard (which would make everyone hostile towards you) or you can look in the locked room.

To get into the room, you'll need a lockpick of at least 25.

Once you have the body, you have to place it on the sim chair so that you can look down and put equipment into the body.

NOTE: you cannot see if you placed the body correctly until after the simulation. Once the body is in place, save, in case you mess up.

Then you can play through the simulation, getting everything you can.

At the very end, when the screen begins to fade, look down and press the "A" button rapidly.

If it worked, you can put all of your equipment into the body.

A few seconds later, all of your old equipment will return to you and you can safely take all of your stuff back from the body.

Congratulations!!! You just got a bunch of free stuff in perfect condition!!

Game Name: Fallout 3

Cheat Name: Operation Anchorage Equipment

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